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* USG Photo Gallery

Photos of USG events

*Student Elections

The Student Elections will be held in April 2014. Become a member of this page to get up to date information regarding election application deadlines and procedures.


WBNY-91.3FM is Buffalo's Original Alternative radio station located in Campbell Student Union 220. From the board of directors to the DJs, WBNY is completely student-run (with occasional guidance administered by our staff advisor). WBNY has been

Adelante Estudiantes Latinos (AEL)

AEL is a group formed by Latin American students. It was created to recognize and introduce Hispanic culture to all of the students here in Buffalo State College. Our General Interest meetings are held every Thursday at 12:15 pm in Bulger West 2.

Advisors to Student Organizations

For faculty and staff advisors to student organizations at Buffalo State.

African American Students Organization (AASO)

Focusing on the black experience, The African American Students Organization provides educational, cultural, and recreational activities to the Buffalo State Student body. Join us for our General Interest Meetings every Thursday at 12:30 p.m.

Alpha Epsilon Phi

Alpha epsilon phi

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Alpha kappa alpha

Alpha NU Omega, Inc

Alpha NU Omega

Alpha Phi Alpha

Alpha phi alpha

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